What If? So What?

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What If So What? is the podcast where we discover what’s possible with digital and figure out how to make it real in your business. Join hosts Jim Hertzfeld and Kim Williams-Czopek, part of Perficient’s Digital Strategy team, as we interview experts and veterans of digital transformation to put the hype and big ideas into perspective by asking “What if?”, “So What?”, and – most importantly - “Now What?”

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Latest Episodes…

  1. What If Mark Cuban Joined Our Podcast?

    In our latest episode of the podcast, we're joined by a special guest – entrepreneur, Dallas Mavericks owner, and star of TV’s “Shark Tank”, Mark Cuban! Mark and our hosts, Jim and Kim, discuss his most memorable Shark Tank technology products, how to remain relevant to customers ...


  2. What If You Could Know Your Customers Like You Know Your Family? An Interview With Matt Nolan

    In this episode, Jim talks with Matt Nolan, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Decision Sciences at Pegasystems, about why Personalization is on everyone’s radar, how it has evolved, and what it means today.   Connect with Matthew Nolan Senior Director of Product Marketing, Decision Sciences at Pegasystems Connect ...


  3. What If Everything You Need to Market a Product Came from Customers? An Interview With Mike Bernard

    In this episode, Kim talks with Mike Bernard, Vice President of Product & Customer Marketing at Optimizely, about how you bring products to market in today’s digital space and what kind of team you need to be successful. Connect with Mike Bernard, Vice President of Product ...


  4. What If Innovation Was Easy?

    In this episode, Jim and Kim kick off Season 3 of the podcast with a closer look at innovation, including what characterizes innovation, how to measure the business value, and how to become an expert innovator. Connect with our hosts Jim Hertzfeld, Principal and Chief Strategist for Perficient and  ...


  5. What If Strategy Is Really in the Execution?

    In this episode, Jim and Kim look back on Season 2 of the podcast and recall the moments where our guests helped call out what strategy really is what it takes to execute in today’s digital landscape.   Season 2 episodes referenced: · What if You Could Speak Marketing and IT? ...