What If? So What?

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What If So What? is the podcast where we discover what’s possible with digital and figure out how to make it real in your business. Join hosts Jim Hertzfeld and Kim Williams-Czopek, part of Perficient’s Digital Strategy team, as we interview experts and veterans of digital transformation to put the hype and big ideas into perspective by asking “What if?”, “So What?”, and – most importantly - “Now What?”
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Latest Episodes…

  1. What if Data Has Become the Customer Experience? An Interview with Arvind Murali

    Jim hosts a special crossover episode with Arvind Murali, Perficient’s Data Chief Strategist, and host of the Perficient podcast “Intelligent Data.” Jim and Arvind talk about digital and data and how they are shaping the customer experience today. Listen to the Intelligent Data podcast. Connect with host Arvind ...


  2. How Do We Keep the Robots Happy? An Interview on AI and CX with Christine Livingston

    Jim interviews Perficient’s Chief Strategist for Artificial Intelligence, Christine Livingston, about the state of artificial intelligence today and how organizations are using it to shape customer experiences. Resources mentioned in this episode: Movies & TV Shows: 2001 Space Odyssey, iRobot, Ex Machina, Star Wars, I. Artificial Intelligence, ...


  3. What if You Could Deliver Anything as Soon as It Was Valuable? An Interview with Jeff Small

    Kim interviews Jeff Small, Director of Mobile Product Strategy at Perficient about the evolution of digital product management and how organizations can think about digital products as a transformational strategy. Connect with guest Jeff Small, Director of Mobile Product Strategy for Perficient. Connect with our hosts Jim Hertzfeld, Principal and ...


  4. What if Every Brand Went Direct to Consumer? An Interview with Jon Bostock

    In a world where retail has changed and consumers remain at home, how do brands reimagine the task of getting products to customers? We interview Jon Bostock, best-selling author, innovator, co-founder and CEO of Truman's and learn how brands that innovate will win in a rapidly changing digital-first economy. Connect with ...


  5. What if You Could Do 5 Years of Digital Marketing in 6 Months? An Interview with Eric Enge

    The pandemic dramatically accelerated the evolution and maturity of digital marketing. As platforms, approaches, and channels have all shifted seemingly overnight, we have a new normal for changing your marketing strategy more rapidly than ever. Kim interviews Eric Enge, Principal at Perficient, to learn what has changed and what will ...