What If? So What?

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What If So What? is the podcast where we discover what’s possible with digital and figure out how to make it real in your business. Join hosts Jim Hertzfeld and Kim Williams-Czopek, part of Perficient’s Digital Strategy team, as we interview experts and veterans of digital transformation to put the hype and big ideas into perspective by asking “What if?”, “So What?”, and – most importantly - “Now What?”

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Latest Episodes…

  1. What If You Could Reinvent Retail... Again? An Interview With John Gregory

    In this episode, Kim talks with John Gregory, Global Head of Industry - Retail at Spotify, about how traditional retailers can get unstuck and how the key to staying ahead is a lot more than digital adoption.   Connect with John Gregory, Global Head of Industry - ...


  2. What If You Could Meet Your (Clothes) Maker? An Interview With Shawn Reynolds

    In this episode, Kim talks with Shawn Reynolds, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President at AI software company Logility, about what it takes to have a modern supply chain operation and what the new customer-driven mandates are when it comes to supply chain transparency.   Read Shawn’s ...


  3. What if Your Personal and Professional Brand Could Be the Same? An Interview with Kelsey Flora

    In this episode, Kim talks with Kelsey Flora, former Director of Marketing and Engagement at National Geographic, about how to turn your biggest brand asset – your team members – into your biggest brand ambassadors by sharing work-related content on social media.   Connect with Kelsey Flora, former Director ...


  4. What if You Never Had to Go to Your Doctor's Office Again? An Interview With Tom Swanson

    In this episode, Jim talks with Tom Swanson, Head of Industry Strategy & Marketing for Health & Life Sciences at Adobe, about the future of telemedicine and what other industries can learn from what’s happening in the healthcare space. Connect with Tow Swanson, Head of Industry Strategy & Marketing for ...


  5. What If You Had to Lead Digital Natives as a Digital Immigrant? An Interview with Lisa Bowman

    In this episode, Kim talks with Lisa Bowman, Chief Mojo Officer of Marketing Mojo and past CMO of organizations like UPS, about how the CMO skill set has evolved and what it takes to be a modern marketer. Connect with Lisa Bowman, CMO at Marketing Mojo. Connect with our ...